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NCDD in the Digital Heritage Network

The Digital Heritage Network (DHN) consists of a number of large organisations occupying key positions in the field of digital heritage, including the NCDD partners. Together, these organisations aim to improve the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage materials from every domain. To this end, the Digital Heritage Network has developed a three-pronged strategy (PDF) covering Visible, Usable and Sustainable Digital Heritage, respectively. A work package has been established for each of these aspects, outlining the projects necessary to achieve its central goals. The NCDD partners have assumed responsibility for the Sustainable Digital Heritage work package. The aims of this section of the DHN’s strategy plan correspond with the NCDD’s mission: to ensure the long-term accessibility of digital information through the establishment of a national network of facilities. Read more about the Digital Heritage Network in the Netherlands (PDF).

Sustainable Digital Heritage work package

The Sustainable Digital Heritage work package builds on the results of the NCDD projects concluded in the summer of 2015 and the results of the Investigation into a national infrastructure (2015). The work package consists of eight projects centred on three themes: A. Scalable and usable facilities; B. Transparent cost structure; and C. Roles and responsibilities in collection building. A number of projects also involve the use of case studies. For more information about the work package please contact project coordinator Marcel Ras.

The projects

Each of these projects contributes to realising the goals of the work package, and consequently the overall mission of the National Coalition Digital Preservation. The projects will be conducted from mid-2015 to late 2016.

A. Scalable and usable facilities

B. Transparent cost structures

C. Roles and responsibilities in collection building