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Knowledge and advice

One of the key objectives of the National Coalition for Digital Sustainability is to stimulate and facilitate cross-domain knowledge development and knowledge sharing, both nationally and in conjunction with the wider world. After all, the challenges encountered in the sustainable management of digital collections are largely the same regardless of the sector or even country in which an organisation operates.

A national platform for knowledge sharing

For this reason, the NCDD acts as a national platform, bringing together professionals from various organisations (large and small) and domains so they can share existing knowledge and experience and collaborate on developing cross-domain solutions. This is done in close partnership with other groups and networks in the field of digital sustainability, like the Digital Heritage Network and DEN Foundation. The NCDD also maintains contacts with the British Digital Preservation Coalition and the German Nestor network, among others, to stay up to date on relevant developments across the border and share the benefits of Dutch activities abroad. For a full list of (inter)national collaboration, see the Collaboration page.

Knowledge sharing activities

  • The NCDD organises regular study sessions and workshops; they are opportunities for professionals to meet and to pass on knowledge.
  • In addition, the NCDD offers webinars, some of them in collaboration with the Digital Preservation Coalition, featuring guest speakers from various fields and countries.
  • We publish updates on recent developments on our News & events page, through social media and in the Digital Preservation newsletter (only in Dutch).
  • We are helping to build a knowledge infrastructure to allow for better and wider sharing of knowledge on digital preservation.
  • The NCDD partners are also involved in creating an expertise network for preservation that organisations and individuals can turn to for information and advice.
  • By giving presentations and organising workshops at national and international conferences and meetings, we are increasing awareness of the NCDD’s activities among a wider audience.
  • Finally, NCDD representatives contribute to national and international training courses in the field of digital preservation.

Visit the News & events page on our website for an overview of current and upcoming events. You are very welcome to join in one of our activities.

NCDD partners and their expertise

Each of the NCDD partner organisations possesses specific knowledge and expertise in the field of digital sustainability and offers knowledge sharing activities (in partnership with the NCDD wherever possible). For additional information, please go to the NCDD partners page.